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e would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our new line of products at Profilbau Trading Limited. We have been involved in the local construction industry for several decades and have worked on private homes as well as larger projects such as, Villas in the Greens and Stone Haven Villas in Tobago, just to name a few.

Due to the fact that we live on an island, we have come to understand that the salinity content in the atmosphere augments rapid corrosion of some materials that has a low zinc coating. And so, there is need for improved quality products in the local market. From our experience, having recognied that there are many sub-standard materials in the ceiling and framing market, we have been inspired to develop and introduce to the market, a line of products branded under the name of “Profilbau” or “Builder’s Profile”, which incorporates German standard specifications as production guidelines.

We at Profilbau have observed that there is a high percentage of wastage because of standardized product lengths. Presently, taking into consideration, the need for sustainable & efficient use of resources, we take allocative responsibility to reduce the wastage & therefore Profilbau will be producing our range of products in customized lengths. As such we will produce appropriate quantities of the individual products required. In doing this, wastage is expected to be reduced by 10% – 15%.

We are confident that Profilbau possesses the capabilities to contribute to increasing your market share and to supplying you with high quality products. As a renowned and valuable supplier with an impressive & well-established reputation in the market, we are open for discussions.

Please feel free to browse through our available products. We are certain you will find something of use to you.


What We Do?

We supply high quality ceiling & framing materials which can be customized to your specific product guidelines.

Why People Like Us?

We live on an island where the salinity content in the atmosphere augments rapid corrosion of materials with low zinc coating. Considering this Profilbau has developed specifications that exceeds the standard which is required to protect against the salinity levels in our atmosphere at comparatively economical prices.

What We Offer?

Our line of ceiling & framing products incorporates German standards specifications as product guidelines.

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