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Welcome to Profilbau Trading Ltd. online! We are certain that you will find what you are looking for plus a few extra surprises to compliment your home’s style.

Complimentary Products

Profilbau Trading Ltd. has several items to add that extra touch to your home. We can help you get that modern & stylish appearance for the main areas in your house.

About Us

Profilbau Trading Ltd. has been actively involved in the local construction industry for several decades and have worked on private homes as well as larger projects such as, Villas in the Greens and Stone Haven Villas in Tobago, just to name a few.

Who We Are?

We are a renowned supplier of ceiling material, customized steel bending and home finishes.

Why Choose Us?

We have been serving the construction industry in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean for decades.

Our Standard

All material & products supplied are made from high-grade materials. No cutting corners.

What we Do?

Our materials are high quality in industry standards. You can be assured you are receiving high-grade products.


Aesthetic Design
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Core Values

We are especially proud of our Customized Steel Bending division. Construction costs can be cut down immensely due to this service we are providing.

Profilbau Trading Ltd allows you to get your ready bends at a minimum cost with no hassle at all! We stock our materials and can offer delivery directly to your project site.

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